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  For Church Leaders


  • Do you take biblical discipleship in your church seriously?

  • Would you like your congregation to engage with the Bible in a group-based, interactive and systematic manner?

  • Do you have potential leaders in your congregation who would benefit from an in-depth knowledge of the Bible?


Start a GOLD group in your church

"Each module was like a new box of treasure. Just as marvellous as the study was the close fellowship that developed among us as we discussed what we'd studied."  - Gay Carpenter

Group-based Open Learning Discipleship

discover the Treasure, encounter God, be shaped by the Message


Bible Society is a charity on a global mission to engage individuals, families and communities with the Bible. We love to find creative ways to equip and enable people to read the Bible and to discover its relevance and value for them today, both personally and in an ever-changing world. We work hard to make the Bible available across many different platforms, in many different cultures, in a way that is accessible and inclusive for all. We couldn’t achieve this alone, and that’s why we are delighted to partner with the GOLD Project. Together we are doing something amazing, changing peoples’ lives - for good.



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   For Christian Disciples


  • Are you a follower of Jesus who wants to grow in your knowledge of what the Bible says and how it applies to Christian living today? 

  • Are you ready for systematic, disciplined and in-depth personal study?

  • Do you want to use your God-given gifts to serve others in the church and community?


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