Worship and the Psalms

This course deals with the deals with two interlinked subjects as is indicated by the title: worship and the Psalms. By the end of the module you should have a good base for understanding what ‘worship’ is, in terms of biblical teaching and Christian tradition. You should also be able to understand and expound the Psalms and use them in worship, whether as a worshipper or a leader/enabler of other worshippers.


We deal with certain types or forms of Psalm so that we may consider similar types together and learn about both individual Psalms and the class to which they belong. So you should be able to analyse any given Psalm, say something about the historical situation in which it was written and the way it was used in ancient Israel. You should therefore, with the help of a commentary, be able to explain the meaning of the Psalm including the details, and suggest ways in which it applies to our and your situation today.


With regard to worship you should be able to devise services that are suitable for particular occasions and also choose Psalms that will fit appropriately into such services.


This is a 10 Block course


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