Snapshots on the Life of Christ


This brief course is intended for those who:

  • may not have a lot of time for study at present

  • but who want study that is solidly based

  • upon which further study can be built when possible

So we hope to convey:

  • An outline of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ based mostly on Matthew’s Gospel

  • A sound method of interpreting and applying the teaching of the Gospels to our own situation



The method used is basically the same as that used in GOLD Project modules:

  • A text with which the student interacts, responds to questions and receives feedback;

  • Discussion with a peer group (with leader)

Unlike a regular GOLD Project module

  • It does not require homework: you work through each section together

  • and it does provide colour pictures from the world of art to stimulate further creative thinking and reflection

We also include:

  • A quiz – which will indicate to you how much you have learnt - and possibly reveal some gaps?

  • Suggested reading with explanatory notes and questions for discussion.

Throughout this process we’ll lay emphasis on both imaginative creativity and critical discernment.


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