Prophecy in the Old Testament

This course deals with some of the most important prophets of the Old Testament, and we hope that by the end you will have a good knowledge of the contents and teaching (theology) of these books.


We do not give a preliminary introduction to ‘what prophecy is’ for s/he who has seen the Old Testament prophets has seen what prophecy is. We ask you to work out for yourself the essential marks of a prophet.


We do not attempt to deal with all the prophets of Israel. For example, the very important figures of Elijah and Elisha are left out (they are dealt with in some measure in Historical Books of the Old Testament which some of you will already have done). We do not cover Micah or Habakkuk, let alone Nahum and Obadiah. However, we do encourage you to tackle Zephaniah for yourself, and, having done that successfully, we hope you will want to get into these other prophetic books.


This is not a finishing course in prophecy. It is an introduction to what should be a lifelong study.


This is a 10 Block course


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