Partnership with SEAN UK

GOLD and SEAN UK  share a vision to equip all Christian believers in the UK in their faith and active ministry in their local churches and communities. As a result of this shared vision, SEAN UK and the GOLD Project entered into a partnership on 9th December 2018 to allow GOLD Project to use SEAN courses within its programme.


The SEAN courses will be reformatted and added to the courses that GOLD Project already offers. This will enable GOLD Project to provide churches with a range of courses at different levels to fulfil their own vision to see church and society transformed as God's people learn to meet him through Jesus Christ in the power of his Spirit by studying together and applying the message of the Bible in all aspects of their lives.


This means we are excited to be able to offer three levels of courses. Each group can choose the level at which they want to study.


Level 1 Courses (in partnership with SEAN)

For those who are new to the Christian faith and want an easily accessible form of study.


Level 2 Courses (in partnership with SEAN)

For those who want to learn what it is to follow Jesus through an in-depth study of his life and ministry.


Level 3 Courses (our current courses supported by Bible Society)

For those who want to take the study of the Bible further and engage with its meaning for today.