Monica Bursary Fund

The ‘Monica Fund’ is a bursary fund for the support of students enrolled on our GOLD Project courses who, for good reason, cannot afford to pay the full fee.  The fund was established in memory of Monica Hollingsworth (picture), a fine and inspiring Christian who acted as ‘Prayer Support’ for our study groups for many years. She took a loving and concerned interest in each and every student and many can testify to being enriched and upheld by her support and love.  The fund existed primarily to ‘provide financial support for students who are in need and who would otherwise be unable to enrol for courses’. This fund was set up before GOLD Project took over the courses, but we have committed to continue the legacy of the ‘Monica Fund’ with a bursary fund for students enrolled on GOLD Project courses.

'I want to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that the Monica Fund has enabled me to undertake the next study. I learnt so much in the previous course, made contact with wonderful Christians and God has blessed me again by making this next course possible through the sponsorship programme. I am a South African who is slowly finding my way in the English community. Being a part of a Study Group has afforded me the opportunity to not only learn more about the Bible, but also has helped me to find much needed fellowship amongst other Christians.'