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The GOLD Project incorporates courses that normally include 4 key elements:


a. Personal Study:  

We provide interactive study materials for each student to go through at their own pace at home . These are designed to be accessible even to people who have previously struggled with learning but also challenging for those who are well-educated.  


b. Regular Group Meetings:

Facilitated group learning is an essential part of our methodology where people learn from one another in a trusting environment and seek to help each other apply their learning to everyday life. Normally groups meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss what they have learned with their peers and a tutor. At the beginning of the course, the group agrees with their tutor how much study they need to complete before each meeting.


c. Application: 

The purpose of the GOLD Project is to encounter God in and through the study of the Bible and other Christian resources. This means that each course is designed to enable people to hear what God is saying and apply it to personal discipleship and to any form of ministry and mission in which they are involved.


d. Assessment:

Each course is designed to help people learn to apply their studies. Assessment is a helpful part of this process that enables people to measure their learning. Assessment normally takes four forms:

  • Group attendance and participation; actively learning from and contributing to the learning of others;

  • Self-assessment: regularly checking answers and reviewing what has been learnt;

  • Continuous assessment: by means of short quizzes, tests and learning activities;

  • Final assessment: by means of assignments or exams depending on the Level and the course.

Local group leaders are given clear guidelines on how to assess work. Certificates can be given for those who successfully complete courses.

Amanda Furlong

The Gold Project courses enable me to study the Bible in far greater depth than I could on my own. The tutorials allow me to question and discuss my beliefs with people from different church backgrounds so strengthening my faith.

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