Introduction to Christian Theology

Like any other field of academic study, the study of theology can get very complex indeed. However, as you will very soon discover on this module, the basics of Christian theology are in fact very straightforward and can be mastered by anyone who is prepared to put in a reasonable amount of work.


Theology is also far from irrelevant. It is for the most part not concerned with questions like how many angels you can fit on the point of a needle.  It is concerned instead with really vital issues that affect every one of us - issues such as what God is like, who Jesus is, and how we can be saved.


Studying theology will also not undermine your faith. It is true that as part of this module you will look at the work of theologians who have questioned traditional Christian beliefs, often in a very radical fashion. However, you will not be asked to agree with them! What you will be asked to do is to think carefully about what they and all the other theologians you will encounter have to say, compare their ideas with Biblical teaching, and then make up your own mind about the issues involved; a process that can only strengthen your faith since a well informed faith is a stronger one.


This is a 10 Block course


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