How does it work?

You receive interactive course materials which you work through on your own. You also attend a local tutorial group to discuss what you are studying. These are led by a trained facilitator, and give you a chance to share your ideas and discoveries, learn from other people’s, and have the support of other Christians. You can expect to gain increased confidence in understanding and interpreting the Bible and the ability to assess and evaluate different opinions. Read More


Will it be too hard – or too easy? 

The course units are designed to help you learn, whatever your academic level. Many who do not consider themselves ‘good at learning’ are surprised at their abilities. Others with advanced qualifications are stretched and challenged in their thinking. The Bible raises hard questions and we try not to duck them. The course units will stimulate you to understand various viewpoints. They encourage you to interact with the text of the Bible itself, to think through issues from a sound basis of biblical understanding and to come to your own conclusions, convictions and plans for action.



Each course unit consists of five main blocks, each divided into eight lessons. You are free to go at your own pace and your group is free to decide how much you should study before each tutorial. If you study one block over two weeks, you will need to set aside 4 to 5 hours a week for studying on your own, and to attend a fortnightly tutorial group for an hour or two.


How Much Does it cost?

There is a course fee for each course Unit you enrol on. Our Level 3 GOLD Project courses are presently £50 for a 5 Block Course and £65 for a 10 Block Course. For those who cannot afford this amount, we have a Bursary Fund  (Find out more)